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Our Lay Leadership

The Vestry are elected by the members of the congregation and manage the temporal work of the church.

For 2020, our Vestry, Representatives, Committees, Board Members, Ministry Leaders, and Liturgical Minsiters are:

  • Senior Warden:  Samantha Fulda
  • Junior Warden:  Michael Hagan
  • Treasurer:  Susan Douffas
  • Co-Treasurers:  Jackie Clattenburg & Chuck Weatherhead
  • Register:  Joan Oakford
  • Class of 2022:  Tom Coyle, Susan Douffas, Michael Hagan
  • Class of 2021:  Samantha Fulda, Sandy Hauk, Bonnie Stallings
  • Class of 2020:  Diane Demaree, Judy Shaw, Mark Waddell  
  • Past Vestry Members:  David Carson, Kelly Carson, Jackie Clattenburg, Jack Cunningham, Allison Eastridge,           Glennie Forbes, Hunter Herron, Nelson Kersey, Cheryl Phillips, Claudia Roland, Brian Secrist, Jean Seelig,                       Dan Tearno, Jerry Thacker, Chuck Weatherhead
Diocesan Convention Delegates
  • Delegate:  Kelly Carson
  • Alternate:  Dave Carson
Northern Piedmont Region Delegates
  • Delegate:  Val Bowman
  • Alternate:  Buddy Wagner
Building & Grounds Committee
  • Chair:  Junior Warden
Cemetery Committee
  • Chair:  Sandy Hauk

Finance Committee
  • Chair:  Treasurer
Worship Watch Committee
  • Chair:  Barrett Swink

Carried To Full Term Board (CTFT)
  •  Board Members:  Vacant
Haymarket Regional Food Pantry Board (HRFP)
  •  Board Members:  Bob Bowman & The Rev. Sean Rousseau


Our Ministry Leaders are:

Altar Guild
  •  Coordinator:  Team Co-Leaders
Carried To Full Term Ministry (CTFT)
  •  Contact:  CTFT
Church School
  • Church School for Adults - Community Connections Coordinator:  Frances Herron
  • Church School for Children Coordinator:  Elspeth McCormick
  • Church School for Youth Coordinator:  Dave & Kelly Carson
Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)
  •  Coordinator:  Aimee Lowry
Collection Counters
  • Coordinator:  Treasurer
  • Facebook Page Coordinator:  Elspeth McCormick
Haymarket Regional Food Pantry Ministry (HRFP)
  •  Contact:  HRFP
Lessons and Carols
  • Nativity Actors Coordinator:  Elspeth McCormick
Meals Ministry
  • Coodinator:  Women's Group
Music Ministers
  • Adult Choir & Instrumentalists Coordinator:  Pat Avery
  • Children's Choir & Children's Handbell Choir Coordinator:  Kerry Rousseau
Office Angels
  • Coordinator:  Joan Oakford
Shawl Ministry
  • Coordinator:  Jackie Clattenburg
Vacation Bible School
  • Coordinator:  Rector with St. Michael's Academy
Wishing Well Program
  • Coordinator:  Sandy Ridout
Women's Group
  • Coordinator:  Laura Farrell


Our Liturgical Ministers are:

 Liturgical Ministers:
  • Altar Guild:         

  • Team 1:  Susan Thacker (Co-Leader), Jackie Clattenburg, Beverly Waddell                      

  • Team 2:  Dottie McQueeney, Kathy Wagner, Bonnie Weatherhead

  • Team 3:  Laura Farrell (Co-Leader), Kelly Carson, Lily Mensah, Nella Neary                   

  • Team 4:  Susan Douffas, Marguerite Kocher, Diane Robertson

  • Acolytes  (C = Cross-Bearer, B = Book-Bearer, T = Torch-Bearer):  Peter Demaree, Adam Demaree,                    Matthew Demaree, Gianna Eastridge, Ashlyn Farrell, Alex Fulda, Aislinn Garcia, Summer Grace Garcia,                        Samantha Kerner, Rachel Kersey, Sean Kersey, Tony Lowry, Josie Peterson, Kyle Peterson, Sophia Peterson,                  In-Training:  Lili Fulda, Mason Kerner

  • CLOW (Children’s Liturgy of Word):  Aimee Lowry, Elspeth McCormick, Kerry Rousseau

  • Collection Counters:  Dave & Kelly Carson, Jackie Clattenburg, Sandy Hauk, Barbara Kenefake, John Lowry,        Priscilla Myerson, Diane Robertson, Barrett Swink, Beverly Waddell,Bonnie & Chuck Weatherhead

  • Eucharistic Ministers - 8:30 AM:  Caroline Bailey, Debby Reed, Bonnie Stallings

  • Eucharistic Ministers - 10:30 AM:  Jackie Clattenburg, Chris Demaree, Diane Demaree, Peter Demaree,            Samantha Fulda, Aimee Lowry, Edwin Ridout, Jean Seelig, Mark Waddell, Buddy Wagner

  • Eucharistic Visitors:  Jackie Clattenburg, Chris Demaree, Diane & Peter Demaree, Cheryl Phillips, Jean Seelig,         Mark Waddell, Buddy Wagner

  • Lectors - 8:30 AM:  Caroline Bailey, Robert Bowman, Valerie Bowman, Chris Fornecker, Gail Jacobs, Sally Peterson, Debby Reed

  • Lectors - 10:30 AM:  Chris Demaree, Diane Demaree, Peter Demaree, Allison Eastridge, Renee Eden, Samantha Fulda, Aislinn Garcia, Priscilla (Williams) Knight, Larry Loretoni, John Lowry, Tim McCormick, Catherine Pearson, Kyle Peterson, Richard Phillips, Edwin Ridout, Karilinn Sommers, Mark Waddell, Buddy Wagner, Bonnie Weatherhead,                      Chuck Weatherhead

  • Ushers - 8:30 AM:  Robert Bowman, Valerie Bowman, Chris Fornecker, Kathy Fornecker

  • Ushers - 10:30 AM:  Barbara Bassett, Pat Bassett, Diane Demaree, Peter Demaree, Aislinn Garcia,                        Summer Grace Garcia, Sandy Hauk, Mason Kerner, Rachel Kersey, Aimee Lowry, John Lowry,Tony Lowry, Kyle Peterson, Sophia Peterson, Barrett Swink, Dan Tearno, Buddy Wagner, Kathy Vergano, Pete Vergano, Bonnie Weatherhead,    Chuck Weatherhead

  • Haymarket Food Pantry:  Barbara & Pat Bassett, Dick Braatz, Chris & Kathy Fornecker, Sandy Hauk,                        Carole & Ron Grob, Gail Jacobs, Jamie & Joseph Kerner, Allen Pearson, Ashley Peterson